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Quarterly Literary Review Singapore: A Traveler’s Tale (2012)

Dee Hwang reads Laksmi’s poem, “Cerita Perjalanan”, the Indonesian version of “A Traveler’s Tale”

Laksmi has published several poetry collections and represented Indonesia at Poetry Parnassus, a historic gathering of world poets and UK’s largest poetry festival, held at the Southbank Centre, London.

Her poems, short stories and essays have appeared in numerous international literary journals including Asia Literary Review, Biblio Review of Books, QRLS, 20th anniversary special edition of QLRS, Heat, Takahe, Softblow, Scalar Literary Magazine, Critical Muslim, Prince Claus Special Literary Journal, BooksActually Gold Standard 2015 and Asymptote.


Her poems have also been featured in The World Record (translated by Neil Astley and Anna Selby) (Bloodaxe Books: London, 2012) and Rain of Poems (Casagrande: London, 2013). She also wrote the preface to ot a Muse: The Inner Lives of Women, a World Poetry Anthology (Haven Books: Hong Kong, 2008)

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