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The Jakarta Good Food Guide 2001


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The Jakarta Good Food Guide 2001


This first edition the Jakarta Good Food Guide series is listed in the Indonesian collection of World Class Publications of the National Library of Australia and became an instant bestseller in Indonesia.

Praise for

The Jakarta Good Food Guide 2001

"Laksmi, the Governor of Good Eating in Jakarta."

- Bondan Winarno, Food Critic & TV Personality, Tempo magazine

"At last, the benchmark for good dining in Jakarta is established through straightforward writing and honest critiques."

- William Wongso, Restauranteur, Gastronome, Wine Connoisseur

"What impresses most in the JGFG (pardon the Orba-esque acronym) is its all-round quality: the clean, elegant design by LeBoYe; the thoughtful separation of categories; the concise, catchy writing; and most of all the informative, critical, knowledgeable reviews ... the prose is consistently playful, insightful, polished and never clichéd."

- Daniel Ziv, Djakarta!, City Life Magazine

"This is a delicious read and a must-have for long-time residents of the city... Jakarta foodies... have seen nothing like it before."

- The Jakarta Post

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