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Ellipsis: Poems and Prose-Poems by Laksmi Pamuntjak


Publication Date:

Pena Gaia Klasik (2005), Equinox (2006)

2005 (Pena Gaia Klasik), 2006 (Equinox)

Ellipsis: Poems and Prose-Poems by Laksmi Pamuntjak


Ellipsis is Laksmi’s debut poetry collection. It appeared in the 2005 Herald UK Books of the Year list, recommended by the author Suhayl Saadi.

Praise for

Ellipsis: Poems and Prose-Poems by Laksmi Pamuntjak

"  ... Aesthetically intense and powerfully sensual ... the poetry is attuned, meticulous, deft, and the reader is transfigured by a 'lea of silences.' - Books of the Year 2005, The Herald UK


"  ... hard not to get caught up in the (poems') sheer energy and celebration of language, or as Pamuntjak writes, 'a world of the word.'" - The Straits Times (Singapore)


"Lyrical and elegiac ... moves you with the speed of a heartache." - Felix Cheong, author of Broken by the Rain: Poems, I Watch the Stars Go Out


"'  ... in the poet’s own words, 'giddy, glowing, red hot.'" - Cyril Wong, author of Tilting our Plates to Catch the Light, The Dictator’s Eyebrow, Excess Baggage and Claim, Unmarked Treasure


"  ... contains some of the freshest, most sensual poems I have ever read ...the writing is diamond-cut yet visceral, suffused with intellect yet shamanic ..." - Suhayl Saadi, author of Psychoraag, Joseph’s Box, The White Cliffs, The Burning Mirror

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