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Alle Farben Rot


Tahun penerbitan:

Ullstein Verlag

September 2015

Alle Farben Rot


Alle Farben Rot is the German translation of Laksmi’s bestselling debut novel Amba/The Question of Red, translated by Dr. Martina Heinschke. It won Germany’s LiBeraturpreis 2016. It was also named #1 on Germany’s Weltempfaengerlist of the best works of fiction from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Arab World translated into German. The novel has been translated into several languages.

Pujian untuk

Alle Farben Rot

“ … perfectly captures the dizzying unsteadiness of a traumatized world poised between normalcy and catastrophe.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in its Top 8 Books of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 section


“ … an absolute must-read … it holds so many important lessons about Indonesia.” – Die Zeit


“The novel combines poetic language and the conviction of literature as an instrument of enlightenment without once sacrificing its aesthetics.” – Neue Zuercher Zeitung


“The most important Indonesian novel of this winter.” – Cornelia Zetzsche, Weltempfaenger 2015 jury member


“The Mahabarata has left its marks in Pamuntjaks novel – as in the tradition of this huge epic ... there is no black or white, good or evil, right or wrong. Shades are important to Pamuntjak, the grey areas in human behaviour ... as she confirmed in the many instances of dignity and forgiveness among prisoners in the penal colony, where guards and prisoners sometimes became friends.” - Sueddeutsche Zeitung

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