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Amba Of De Kleur Van Rood


Tahun penerbitan:

Xander Uitgevers


Amba Of De Kleur Van Rood


Amba Of De Kleur Van Rood is the Dutch version of Laksmi’s debut novel Amba/The Question of Red, translated by Jan Pieter van der Steere and Reintje Groos.

It tells the story of two lovers, Amba and Bhisma, who were driven apart by one of the bloodiest communist purges in the 20th century—the massacre of up to one million accused Communists in Indonesia between 1965 and 1968. The novel was published in Indonesian in October 2012 under the title Ambaand is a national bestseller. In the novel, the lives of the central characters reinterpret the Mahabharata—that timeless allegory of war within a family—and move from rural Java to Europe and to the prison camps of Buru Island, where approximately 12,000 alleged communists were incarcerated without trial during the Suharto administration.

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